Code Central™ is an after-school technology center where youth ages 7-17 learn the fundamentals of programming, app development and computer science. 

We combine personalized, self-paced learning with fun and exciting group projects that reveal the vast possibilities of coding. 

Our innovative process encourages students to pursue both independent thinking and creative problem solving in an environment that fosters social interaction.


The first of its kind in Henderson, Nevada, Code Central is built for kids creating together. Our space provides each student with the tools necessary to learn and grow. In addition to students working independently, the space is designed for collaboration and social interaction, allowing all creators to get the attention and support they need.

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Looking for a fun and educational experience this summer? Code Central’s week-long summer camps are designed for beginner and experienced programmers. Our experienced instructors create a fun and supportive environment, with various activities scheduled throughout the day.



Flexible and tailored to meet individual needs and learning styles, our curriculum was developed with the understanding that there are many ways to learn. We currently utilize a variety of programs including Scratch,, Code Combat, and more. We also provide more advanced instruction in various coding languages and robotics.



Henderson Address

10545 S Eastern Ave #110
Henderson, NV 89052

Call us at (702) 790-3930

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